masha03.jpgOlga Gelfon (alias Mary)  Director of learning center Children's Academy Sarodgini.

– The alias ​​Mary Sarodgini came at me in 2000 when I was working as a journalist in Moscow. This is the name of a girl from O. Haksli’s "Island". The name became a part of me, so much so that it seems I have always been called that.

She was born and educated in Moscow. In 1995, she graduated from the Moscow Pedagogical Complex "Arbat", and earned her certificates in primary education, speech therapy, and directing an art studio. For some time, Mary was able to balance her work as a primary teachers and a journalist. Then, she decided to continue her education and was admitted into the Department of Psychology at Moscow City Pedagogical University. After completing the fourth year, Mary came to America. She studied the methodology used by Zaitsev, Nikitin, Doman, etc. She prefers Giving the methods developed by Zhukova.

In America, Mary wrote a few freelance articles for the newspaper "Russian World" and briefly volunteered at a Russian radio station in Seattle. Then, she worked as an art teacher in the Russian Language School.

Mary is certified in the United States as a director of a children's center. She took a training course for nurses in CPR, First AID, HIV, as well as 20 STARS (State Training and Registry System; classes for teachers in the United States). She is completing her education at Bellevue College to become a certified kindergarten teacher.

Hobbies:   Paining with oil, and portrait photography. She has two daughters (5.5 and 7 years old).

Tatyana.jpgTatyana  an educator and teacher of Russian language and mathematics, she has been working at Sarodgini since 2009.

In 1981, she graduated from Chernigov Pedagogical Institute with a diploma in primary education. Tatyana worked for 26 years as an elementary school teacher. When teaching, she applies the methods of LysenkovaRamzaev, Zhukov.

In the U.S., she worked as a volunteer at an elementary school. Tatyana also worked as a teacher in a private kindergarten, and had a private practice teaching Russian.


Karina - an assistant teacher in the junior groups. She works in SARODGINI since 2014.

Karina is a mother of three children.

She worked as a kindergarten assistant teacher during whole her life. Since she started to work in Sarojini she became absolutely indispensable :)

Shnitko.jpgSasha Schnitko – speech therapist and teacher for children special needs.

She graduated with a degree in speech therapist / teacher for children special needs. Sasha has experience working with children as a speech therapist and teacher for children with special needs in educational institutions of Ukraine, Canada, the United States.

In 2014, Sasha began to work at the Children's Academy of Sarojini as speech therapist, she has a teacher's certificate and license for teaching in Washington State.


Asya – music teacherShe has been teaching at Sarodgini since 2008.
She graduated from a music school and the Yerevan Conservatory. For over 13 years, Asya has been teaching children music by working at music schools and day care centers, organizing competitions, and musicalperformances. Her students placed first place in various competitions and are graduates of various conservatories.

She possesses a truly inexhaustible imagination, and all our parties become possible through her hard work and her love of childrenThey are very fond of her, and in return, she gifts them with the wonderful world ofmusic, dance, and, most importantly, the desire to learn music, to feel it. Asya has one grown daughter.

– I love children for their purity and sincerity, for the joy they gift us.

Arina.jpgArina – a violin teacher.

Arina graduated from the Leningrad Conservatory. She played in an orchestra for many years. She has been teaching violin over last 26 years.




Marina.JPGMarina – a gymnastic coach.

Marina is a Master of sports in gymnastics. She is a professional trainer.




 – teacher.

Has been working at Academy Sarodgini since 2015.




Tatyana-povar.jpgTatyana – chef.

Tatyana prepares daily hot lunches and dinners for the kids. With seconds!




Elena.jpgElena Veys

Elena graduated from teacher's training courses for preschool education on the basis of grammar school #63. She learned in St. -Petersburg State Polytechnic University. She worked in "Wild life center" Scranton Zoo, Scranton PA.
Elena is mother of twins. Nothing can frighten her after that :))

"– I'm trying to teach them to think. At least a little.
– And what they teach you?
– Probably the same thing. ("Irony of Fate" Movie).



Marina – a senior tutor in the group Little Geniuses.

She graduated from Yerevan Medical Institute. Marina raised two children, a son and a daughter.

She arrived in the United States 2008. She works in Sarojini since 2009. And her daughter Svetlana works in Sarojini since 2008.

"I miss my kids on the weekends! They became part of my family somehow very quickly , and each of their new skills, a new words, and new achievements is a joy for me .."


Ross Muramoto - an english teacher and Kumon Instructor
Ross Muramoto, Bellevue-East Kumon  Director and Instructor
A native of California, Ross attended and graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with a degree in Economics.
 Although very technical and analytical, his passion was with developing staff and building high quality teams both in the workplace and at home.  In addition to working, Ross coached his three children's year round sports teams, conducted basketball clinics, volunteered in classrooms, and was the treasurer for two nonprofit agencies."Being a father of three children, I understand how every child is an individual with different skills, strengths, motivations, and challenges in life."

IMG_2766.JPGSofia – an educator for all groups.
She works in Sarodgini from 2012.

Lena.jpgLena – a tutor in the group "Academics".




Larissa.JPGLarissa – teacher assistant.