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Новое здание Академии Сароджини

Новое здание Академии Сароджини

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Russian Children’s Academy Sarodgini

Each parent lovingly cares about their child and strives to give them a better upbringing and education. The comprehensive development of the child, exclusively at home, is not always possible and appropriate, for this may not be enough. Our desire, special skills and developing environment makes this possible.

That is why proactive parents, a few months after the birth of their baby, begin to look for their suitable educational programs, nurseries, kindergartens, which employ highly skilled professionals, who pay attention to every child. The children's Academy of Sarodgini has been operating since 2008, and throughout these years, has earned the respect and love of  both children and parents. To ensure that the program of our academy is always at its highest standard, in 2016 the school has passed certification in the quality of academics and education from our state under the program Early Achievers, which annually confirms its conformity to high program standards. We are proud that 80% of our graduates are already in elementary school with ease on the state program for gifted children. This is due to the fact that our main task is to help every child to believe in their strengths, be proud of their successes and support their friends to think logically and to not give in to difficulties.

Special attention is emphasized to the development of creative abilities and education of children, so that they get new knowledge and leave this school confidently prepared for further schooling.

Daily educational activities include:
-Lessons with our speech therapist
-Drawing with a knowledgeable artist, basic knowledge of the history of art
-Russian language and reading
-Math and logic
-Culinary Arts
-Chemistry, physics, biology, anatomy (we make experiments and observe the layers of onions, roots of plants, the patterns of grown butterflies and bacteria in a microscope)
-World History and geography
-English language
-Individual music (piano and violin, at the request of the child)
-4 theatrical productions per year, with participation of choir, music orchestra and dance rooms.
-Daily creative activities
-The annual schedule is divided into blocks, where each week is devoted to the study of a particular topic.

Our academy offers only organic, wholesome food which includes five homemade meals a day. Before meals, the babies always get fresh vegetables, and afterwards, fruits and milk. We do not offer cookies or semi-finished products, only healthy, fresh foods.

We play and learn outdoors with the children every day, in the morning and evening using the Waldorf System. This means that we have a huge sandbox with mazes for toy cars, creating small rivers, growing the garden, research laboratory for the study of worms, beetles, plants, bird feeders and more.

Children take a nap daily in beds provided with fresh linen, including soft pajamas from home. Nap time is 1:30 to 4:00.

Take note! The cost of all our classes are already included in the total cost of visiting the Academy! More information can be found in the section "About Us " and other sections of the site.
Every Tuesday at 10 am, we conduct introductory tours of our academy. You can book a tour online.

The Sarodgini Academy, in Bellevue WA, is like a second home and school for preschoolers ages from 1.5 to 6 years old. We are proud to have a high quality certification of education from Early Achivers!
We are open from 8.00am  to 6.00pm from Monday to Friday.
Come to visit us with your child, we will be glad to see you!

Better to see once than hear a hundred times...

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