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Новое здание Академии Сароджини

Новое здание Академии Сароджини

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Russian Children’s Academy Sarodgini, located in the center of Bellevue, WA, invites children from 1 to 6 years of age to join the early development groups "Babies", "Researchers",  “Professors” and “Academics”, "Kindergarteners" . Our Academy is a Russian day care where the curriculum is a blend of the Russian preschool system and the methods of Montessori, Doman, the family Nikitiny, etc.

Lessons are held in subgroups based on the children’s ages. Some of the things covered daily are Russian language, writing, basics of reading, mathematics, social studies, art, speech development, introduction to literature, gymnastics based on the methods of Zhelezova, and preparation for school. Music lessons are held 2 times a week; here, students are introduced to composers and their works, choir, learn how to play various musical instruments, and prepare for festivals. Individual grand piano lessons are held 1 time per week. Children have a class 1-ce a week with an artist, where they study the history of the arts, become familiarized with artists and their styles, and get to apply their lessons by creating works of art themselves. A speech therapist works with the students 2 times a week. They also have English lessons 2 times a week in preparation for school. All of the lessons are included in the price of tuition.

The lessons are structured like a fun game, which stimulates child development, increases curiosity and artistic abilities, activates the children’s drive to learn without being prompted to do so, and promotes the desire to be independent.

Our children go for walks 2 times a day. Here, they are encouraged to make observations, to participate in discussions, and to enjoy playing games that are both active and developmental. (We offer a covered playground for days with poor weather conditions.) We even have a vegetable garden!

The balanced meals that we provide 5 times a day are prepared daily using only the freshest organic products. Produce is delivered to us straight off the farms or from special stores.

We celebrate all birthdays and Russian holidays. Once every season, children put on a theatrical production for their parents and guests.

The Academy is open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Welcome to the Children’s Academy Sarodgini!

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