Cost of Services:

  3 days\week 4 days\week 5 days\week
Academic day
9:00am ‐ 12:00pm
$1,200 $1,300 $1,400
12:00pm ‐ 6:00pm
$1,100 $1,200 $1,300

Half day

8:00am - 4:00pm

$1300 $1400 $1500
Full day
8:00am ‐ 6:00pm
$1450 $1,550 $1,750



Registration fee: $250.00. A one-time fee paid at registration.

Annual Registration Fee: $40. Paid annually in September when updating documents (It is mandatory to submit the following updated forms: immunization record, new address, phone numbers, insurance, and doctor contacts.)

We recommend a trial period of two weeks, during which a child can get used to teachers and peers. During this time period, prior to signing the agreement, the child can remain in our Academy for a few hours a day either with or without parents. The rate for this trial period is $10.00 per hour.

The following is required to sign your child up for day care:

·      Sign the contract and pay tuition
·      Receive documentation from a pediatrician that the child is healthy at the moment of admission, and did not come in contact with any infectious diseases. The note can be written in free form; it expires after 3 days.
·      The results of the analysis for roundworm eggs must be submitted. The documentation expires after 3 months.

For admission into the groups, one must bring:

For both age groups:

·      Spare clothes. The clothing should be comfortable for the child. Preferably tights, a light T-shirt or shirt (depending on the season), and sandals with Velcro straps.
·      Shoes to change into.
·      Spare clothes for the outdoor walks.
·      Tissues or handkerchiefs.
·      A comb.
·      For girls – clips and hair ties
Ones per 6 month large box of "Baby Wipes" from Costco

For little ones:

·      Bib.
·      Favorite toy (if necessary).
·      Diapers (used only during walks and nap time).
·      Potty (if a personal potty chair is preferred).
·      Spare change of undergarments.
·      Oil cloth.
Ones per 6 month large box of "Baby Wipes" from Costco