Educational Plan

First Half of the Day:

Individual classes with children (based on their interests, with educational toys; games aimed at increasing vocabulary, developing logic skills and concentration, sculpting, and designing)

  • Gymnastics based on «My Gym»  and Jeleznova`s gymnastic (stretching, light gymnastics exercises, music).
  • Basic yoga stretches.
  • History and Geography.
  • Natural history, learning days of the week, seasons, learning to tell time on a clock, etc. The lessons are conducted in the forms of games.
  • Music: The main goal of the lesson is to teach students how to listen to and love music. The following will be taught: distinguishing between major and minor harmony, hearing the tepmo and beat of the music, and recognizing different musical styles. Lessons consist of learning children’s songs (group and solo singing), playing various instruments, active musical games, learning dances, and private piano classes with an instructor. A musical will be held once every season.
  • Violin and understanding music.
  • Russian: We aim to broaden our students' outlook, enrich their vocabulary, and teach them to visually recognize letters, read, and write by developing the fine motor skills and coordination in their hands. Children learn how to reconstruct the sequence of events from pictures, and to independently create stories based on them. The Academy's goal is to plant the seeds of interest in the Russian language, and instilling the love for Russian literature.
  • Speech therapy: Students are taught how to pronounce sounds correctly, simultaneously strengthening their vocal chords while encouraging love for the Russian language.
  • Math and logic: Children learn addition, subtraction, equations, variables, sequences, patterns, measuring systems, how to write numbers, counting to 100, basic geometry.
  • Art: Students learn techniques for constructing a picture, understanding of the horizon and perspectives, orientation in size, understanding shapes, colors, experimentation with creating new colors. They analyze the world arround them. Children work with various materials, such as sculpting, constructing out of paper and other materials. They draw with gouache, watercolor, and pastels. History of the arts is included.
  • Outside activities: Children are taught to dress and undress themselves, and how to help their younger friends. They are encouraged to learn how to play by themselves and in a group, to learn when to share and when to defend their turn through the use of appropriate verbal communication. Active games, musical games, learning songs, playing in the sandbox, experimenting with water, climb and slide, and other games based on the Montessori system are included.

Second Half of the Day:

Group activities: games aimed at developing creativity, reading children's books and stories. Short poems are learned as well.